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akoyam replied to your post: people here are protesting against wind turbines….

The also make bats implode from the air vortex vacuums around them. Which is a primary concern to me. But the vibration thing is totally legit and it takes distance to manifest itself onto an annoying range.

that’s more of what i’d be concerned about too, animals getting caught in etc. but i didnt think about the distance actually making it worse rather than closer being worse. do you think they will engineer them to be safer for animals while still effective and vibrating less? like obviously i haven’t experienced the drumming personally, but i didn’t 100% not believe it, even though i didn’t want to hahaha. rather than people getting headaches i was thinking about the sound interfering with wildlife, beez n stuff u no

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  1. akoyam said: um, no. because wind turbines need to reach a certain velocity to actually be beneficial, but the cost of that benefit is fucked up air patterns and dead animals. it’s like human transmutation. THERE IS ALWAYS A PRICE DON’T YOU TRY TO FUCK IT UP.
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